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Making Material Handling Simpler
ONGOAL, a national high-tech enterprise, focuses on the field of automation & equipment product line for material handling. We provide customers with complete sets of engineering, equipment accessories, automatic control software, system and technical services. ONGOAL owns complete scientific research, design, production, sales and software development service systems. We support customers with diversified automation solutions for material processing such as material storage, automatic feeding, pneumatic conveying, material metering and dosing, mixing,...
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Colter Mixer
Colter mixer is mainly used for high-efficiency mixing of powder. The stirring shaft is fixed on the horizontal drive shaft by a bracket and rotates along the wall to make the materials diffuse and shear with each other and achieve better mixing efficienc
Ribbon Mixer
Used for mixing powders, powder & liquid, especially for mixing the paste, viscous and high specific gravity materials.
Ton-bag Packing Machine
Integrated Ton-bag Packaging Machine is used for packaging bulk materials with large capacity. It adopts vertical cantilever integrated design and integrates functions of automatic peeling, bag inflating, spiral feeding, sampling, metering, double-check..
Dual Planetary Mixer
Used for mixing, homogenization and dispersing of powder and liquid materials. The dispersing disc and stirring paddle realize revolution and rotation, and the speed can be adjusted by the frequency converter. The special mixing method makes the materia
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Ongoal Technology is a leading comprehensive solution provider for material handling. Our systems, equipment and services have been widely used in new energy, chemical, plastics and other industries, and have been recognized by CATL, BYD and LyondellBasell etc.
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